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Products are available for easy purchase but please note, stock changes daily especially with the super popular and evolving gourmet coffee pod flavours so what you may see today might not be available tomorrow. We stock all the favorites including: Peaberry coffee beans, Arabica coffee beans, Malabar and Robusta coffee beans. This way we keep our coffee store product range fresh with a constantly diverse range of coffee products.

Buy coffee beans online: Temptation Coffee prides itself in presenting you with the best quality coffee products here at our easy to navigate online store. A huge range of coffees are always in stock sourced from a multitude of Amazon suppliers to assure that you get the coffee you need. We ship your products quick (calculated during the checkout process). Some raw coffee products are not able to be shipped outside of the United States, also please note: electric items such as the green coffee roasters come with standard USA electrical connections.

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As you set out to rate your coffee, you can draw from the experience of the professionals to guide your ratings. Coffee professionals rate coffee according to plenty of different qualities and characteristics. There's standard terms that are used in most coffee ratings by professionals and novices. When you have a clear understanding of those terms and have gained a familiarity with using those terms and assessing your personal ratings, you will be prepared to give coffee referrals to your friends and host "coffee cuppings" in your own residence.

The next term in coffee rating is 'body'. Body refers to how the coffee feels inside your mouth. It will refer to the thickness or heaviness that you feel on your tongue. It also refers to the amount of flavor that the brewed coffee retains when it is mixed with milk or cream. The body may be thick like cream or could be thinner like water. Again, the expected body of a specific coffee will be affected by where the coffee beans are grown.

The first term used in coffee evaluations is 'acidity'. The acidity of the coffee is important as it provides a quantity of the unique flavor of the coffee. The acidity of the coffee can provide a sharpness to the flavor that plenty of coffee lovers expect. This acidity may have a sweet flavor or might have a metallic flavor in lieu depending on the region where the raw coffee beans were grown. The acidity of a coffee is often noticed on the back sides of your tongue. The amount of roasting that the coffee goes through will influence the levels of acidity in the coffee. (See our green coffee roaster selection for amazingly aromatic home coffee roasting experiences).

COFFEE MACHINE REVIEWS: Check out our list of the top 50 coffee machines, espresso machines and coffee makers with easy to read coffee machine review format - Description, Pros and Cons.

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Flavor is a important term when rating coffee. The flavor of coffee a mix of acidity, body and aroma. As these qualities come together to generate the flavor, experiencing a lovely coffee becomes over a tasting sensation. The flavor of coffee refers to the feel, the smell and the taste of the coffee.

Aroma is the first part of the coffee that you will experience and is the third term used in coffee rating. The aroma results from aromatic oils that are released from the coffee beans when the beans are roasted. Lovely quality coffee beans will become shiny in the work of roasting as they are covered in their own oils. The aroma quality of a lovely coffee bean will start to influence the rater as soon as the aroma is detected.

You can become a connoisseur of coffee - "the coffee concierge" as you create the ability to judge the different characteristics of coffee. As you learn to rate coffee, you will be prepared to host your own coffee cupping together with your relatives and friends. Maybe get them to bring along some unusual gourmet coffee or their favorite coffee pod, k-cups, or coffee capsules?

Stuck for a gift idea?? Check out our botique coffee, perfect for any occasion. What about creating your own line of coffee with our green coffee roaster selection along with a home coffee grinder? Are you a gourmet coffee connoisseur or aficionado? We have all the home and business cafe bar equipment right here. Maybe you'd like to look through our organic coffee varieties or even sample some of health benefitting ground coffee. We have a great selection of wholesale green coffee beans (raw coffee) at prices to please.

Start with your favorite selection of raw coffee beans, then you can roast them to perfection with your Gene coffee roaster (the Gene Roaster comes highly recommended from Gene Cafe) or Nesco coffee roaster, followed by the delicious aroma of grinding your own coffee beans. Grab a box of select coffee pods or ground coffee beans and add to our selection of coffee and espresso machines for that delicious full bodied brew.


Check out the new technology and convenience of clean, fresh easy-to-use single serve style coffee pods and espresso k-cups, they provide perfect results everytime. We also carry the coffee makers and coffee machines to suit the k-cups, t-disc and coffee pods from all the popular coffee companies. Maybe you need spare coffee filters or replacement parts for your espresso machine? We have a huge selection to suit most models that is updated daily!

You can buy coffee online cheap, but at Coffee Temptation, you are also assured of quality. Find the lowest prices right here at Coffee Temptation - the house of coffee, and best of all, your coffee products are delivered right to your door. We carry an enormous stock of office coffee supplies for your coffee machine, cafe bar or espresso maker to cater for any business, big or small while saving you money. Carrying all of the best coffee brands with various types of green coffee roasters and brewers, along with all your favorite raw coffee beans and differing degrees of roasted coffee beans such as Bay Coffee, Starbucks, Lavazza, Equal Exchange Organic Coffee, Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu and illy Coffee direct from our massive coffee warehouse.

Maybe you've been searching to buy a coffee table online, or maybe to buy coffee mugs online or even possibly to buy cheap coffee beans online and for the neighbours up north, the search "buy coffee online Canada" might have landed you here. At Coffee Temptation you are sure to satisfy all of your coffee desires... A great place to find all your coffee products and coffee equipment at one place!

Looking for that unique styled coffee table? (we pride ourselves in offereing the largest range of glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables, modern, traditional and antique style coffee tables) Maybe a good coffee recipe book? Hard to find ground coffee and coffee beans are all right here at Coffee Temptation today. Coffee Temptation - The pleasurable addiction :: drink to your satisfaction!

Coffee Beans Please!

Coffee Temptation provides useful everyday coffee information along with a comprehensive online "coffee shop" (see categories to the left of this page). We supply all the best brand coffee and the most popular coffee blends along with raw coffee beans, coffee machines and even coffee books, coffee cups, coffee mugs and of course, coffee tables! (Glass coffee table, wooden coffee tables etc...)

Our coffee recipes section contains some of the good old favorites along with some very "creative" modern coffee cooking ideas for those handy in the kitchen. We will endevour to add new recipes over time.

Looking for some of your favorite brand coffee products, we stock all the popular coffee flavours and styles here at the house of coffee for your enjoyment. Coffee pods, t-discs and k-cups feature along with traditional coffee beans and ground coffee in many different flavours and from various world reigons. Now you don't just have to settle for a good coffee, you can treat yourself to a great coffee from your favorite coffee company and save.

Our variety of fresh coffee products ranges from wholesale to gormet specialty products and every coffee inbetween! We also stock a number of well known coffee makers, coffee roasters and coffee grinders including Delonghi, Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, Gene Cafe and Krups plus many more. Maybe you are looking for something more commercial such as Saeco or Pasquini? You will find it right here. That's right, so many brands in many different styles such as our best selling Espresso Machines plus Drip Coffee Machines, Espresso Combo Machines, Coffee Perculators as well as Single Serve Brewers, Stove Top Espresso Pots and even the good old Coffee Urn!

To accompany our huge range of green coffee beans and varieties of roasted coffee flavors, we also supply just about every coffee and espresso related accessory you could ever need! Coffee roasters for the home and office DIY cafe bar, gift idea, coffee cups, scoups and french presses.

Please visit or other pages for some fun and interesting coffee related information and remember, stock is updated regularly and can change daily so take advantage of current bargins or check back soon for other great specials here at Coffee Temptation.

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HOT TIP FOR FRESH COFFEE: Think keeping your coffee in the freezer is the right way to keep your coffee fresh? The truth is that coffee starts to oxidize around 15mins after grinding from the roasted coffee bean. So while the freezer, zip lock bags and vacuum sealing containers will help reduce the speed of your ground coffee deteriorating, your best bet is to always "grind fresh". That's why some of the best coffee making combo machines incorporate a coffee bean grinder internally. Want to go a step further? Try roasting your own coffee from fresh raw coffee beans to experience the ultimate in taste sensations.

Remember, we have everything you need all at the one great location. Temptation Coffee is your one stop - best value - coffee shop!

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Ever had a hard time thinking of a new party idea? Trying to thing of a theme for a social gathering? What about a new party plan business? Need a reason to show off your new coffee table or espresso machine?

Why not a coffee party! Share the excitement of your new coffee machine with friends and family, compliment with a selection of your favorite coffee beans and grind at home for that magnificent aroma. Top it off with some cool and funky coffee cups, coffee deserts and maybe even continue into the night with exclusive coffee liqueurs.

You could even come up with your own designer caffeinated alcoholic beverage selection (while remembering to drink responsibly of course).

Find all that you need with the huge selection right here at Coffee Temptation and "drink to your enjoyment".


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"WHILE TRAVELLING HIGH in the rainforest and coffee plantations of the central divide we find respite from the day's heat in the headwaters of the Naranjo river, where flickers of turquoise, black and brilliant green reveal themselves as myriad urania swallowtail moths lining the riverbank. It is not long before we collapse into tents under a bright full moon and a creeping carpet of mist ascending from the valley below".

Tomorrow brings a 5am wake-up in preparation for a 13km hike and a 13km MTB, but the local rooster appears over-keen for dawn and begins crowing at 2.30am... somehow this is far more soothing than the sounds of any city traffic.

In the cool of the morning we begin to climb a maze of steep zig-zagging trails. Weaving through the near-vertical coffee plantations of the Costa Rican central range, startled Central American whiptail lizards scurry amongst the undergrowth as the mercury once again surges. We rapidly gain 500m in elevation offering glimpses of remote and untouched waterfalls in the Rio Naranjo now far below where a common black hawk chases its avian prey.

The clouds mercifully keep the mercury in the lower 30s and we make good time to our rendezvous with Memo and the support vehicle carrying our mountain bikes for the final uphill push to the coffee hub of Santa Maria.

Arriving in the agricultural hub I waste no time in undoing the entire day's hard work by finding the closest rustic coffee shop where I order a Dulcito, which consists coffee, chocolate, Baileys, condensed milk and frothed milk... I know! Blasphemy to coffee snobs, but how can I refuse such a concoction of caffeine and cholesterol.

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So can you "talk the talk"...? Find it daunting heading out for coffee and confronted with a 'grande double decafe skinny latte'???

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