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Temptation Coffee Instructional Videos

Latte Art - Coffee Art

A great instructional and informative video presentation on how to create your own latte art, cappuccino art or coffee art. Impress friends and family, work collegues and customers, maybe add a unique niche to your coffee shop business. Be a part of the latest cool art coffee craze emerging all over the world! What can you create?

Barista Training And Instruction - Coffee School

Learn some of the basic coffee making skills from a professional Barista. Easy to follow, this video gives great insight to a professional barista working his trade. This guy makes it look so easy but I can tell you that after spending a day in a friends coffee shop helping out, it truely is an art form that takes acquired skill to achieve consistent quality results. And the proof definitely is in the drinking which I sampled many and the variations from person to person were amazingly extremely noticable!