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Coffee Reduces Prostate Cancer :: Coffee Health Studies

Coffee reduces prostate cancer in men


Are you able to fathom the giant money-making possibilities of such a discovery for Huge Pharma? Can somebody even predict how plenty of millions of prescriptions would quickly be written for men who would be willing to pay any cost to prevent prostate cancer?

Imagine this scenario: drug company researchers make an amazing discovery. It is a exceptional therapy that is simple to take, has few serious side effects and reduces the risk of a man developing any kind of prostate cancer. Most importantly, it dramatically lowers the odds a man will ever have the most serious, deadly type of the illness.

That is right. The results of a huge, new study show that men who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of developing any prostate cancer, the kind most likely to kill. The new research, conducted by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) scientists, was published in the net edition of the Journal of of the National Cancer Institute.

In breaking research news, it turns out that scientists actually have found a substance that appears to prevent prostate cancer, the most deadly variety, by a whopping 60 percent. But fortunately for men -- and regrettably for Huge Pharma -- the cancer preventative is not a drug. It is a natural plant-based drink: plain elderly coffee.

Of coursework, in case you drink much caffeinated coffee, you can feel anxious, nervous, have difficulty falling asleep at night and even have heart palpitations. And ought to not abuse it by gulping down cup after cup of the stuff to keep working or playing when your body needs a rest, you might finish up exhausting your adrenal glands.

The Harvard scientists decided to study coffee because it contains natural compounds that are known to act as antioxidants, reduce inflammation, & regulate insulin --- & all of these health benefits are believed to play a role in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

But in moderation, coffee is not only safe for most people but may be beneficial. For example, scientists have found there is something in this ancient & natural drink that may protect against a host of ills, including Parkinson's disease, type two diabetes, gallstones, liver cancer & cirrhosis. As Natural News recently reported, research shows drinking coffee may also help protect females from breast cancer.

"Our study is the largest to date to examine whether coffee could lower the risk of deadly prostate cancer," said senior author Lorelei Mucci, associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH, in a statement to the media.

Earlier research has already provided proof coffee could play a role in prostate cancer prevention. However, only a few studies have specifically looked at the association between coffee intake & the risk of deadly prostate cancer, the kind of the disease that is the most critical to prevent because it spreads to the bones & causes death.

The research team inquired in to the association between regularly drinking coffee & the risk of prostate cancer, the risk for aggressive, deadly prostate cancer, in 47,911 U.S. men who participated in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. The research volunteers reported their coffee consumption every years from 1986 to 2008. In the work of that time, five, 035 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, including 642 deadly or metastatic cases.

The HSPH study concluded that the men who drank the most java (six or more cups each day) had a twenty percent lower risk of developing any kind of prostate cancer when compared to non-coffee drinkers. What is more, it didn't appear to matter if the coffee was decaffeinated or regular.

Drinking to cups of coffee every day lowered the risk of the deadly kind of disease by 30 percent & men who drank the most coffee saw their risk of deadly prostate cancer plummet by 60 percent.

The Harvard researchers are currently planning additional studies to understand more about the health benefits of coffee. They require to zero in on the specific mechanisms by which coffee provides such a immense reduction in the risk of the deadliest kind of metastatic prostate cancer.