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Espresso Machines

It's   and having your own espresso machine is now almost as common as having a TV. Making a cup of coffee is definitely not what it use to be. In fact, increasingly people have forgotten what coffee brewing was about. The early morning coffee can now be a large array of latte, espresso, macchiato, piccolo...the list goes on. But is it worth investing in your own quality espresso machine?

Well if you purchase your daily morning espresso, you may be surprised to find out that it can pay itself off in as little as a month! Researching different brands of espresso machines, doing some footwork and surfing the net will help you to find out which coffee machine suits your lifestyle and which coffee machine would look best in your kitchen.


Choosing an electric espresso machine for home use is not an easy matter, as there are many brands and the price range is wide. If money is no object, a few companies that make commercial machines offer models that are nearly more commercial than domestic. Sadly, only the most serious espresso lovers can justify paying several hundred dollars for this type of machine.

Looking at machines at a more average price level, Ihe pump machines (not the piston) are the easiest to operate, although all may take some getting used to. Also, making espresso with an electric machine is always a bit messy, so it is a good idea to opt for the added accessory of a "knock-out" drawer as a means of clearing the filter holder of used grounds. When making a choice, consider weight and solidity an indication of strength; if the apparatus for holding the coffee filter (the "group") feels lightweight, it may reflect the flimsiness of the metal used overall.

The newer thermal block machines have the advantage of being quieter, but a common complaint is that they lack pressure; as this is a prime consideration, a wiser choice might be to go for a noisy machine with normal boiler-generated pressure.

The machines which are made to brew only a particular pre-packaged "pod" or cartridge of espresso coffee can provide a temptingly easy solution to messy brewing, and worrying about the roast, the blend and the grind. The machine, however, is expensive and the cost of the coffee is also very high. Also, no real espresso lover wants to be tied to drinking the same coffee day after day, denied the opportunity to experiment with other tastes.

Another relatively recent addition is the filter holder with a valve that enables even cheaper machines to produce espresso with surface crema and good body. This is a very desirable feature, and obviously an important factor to consider when choosing a machine. Previously, the lack of crema highlighted the inferiority of a smaller machine to a commercial one.

Using electric espresso machines

1. To use an electric domestic espresso, follow the manufacturer's instructions, which, with most machines, will incorporate the following points. Assuming that the right roast and grind are being used, place a sufficient amount of water in the reservoir, and turn on the espresso machine.

2. Wait tor a light to come on or go off indicating that steam is available, then decide on whether to brew one cup or two and, with the appropriate filter holder in place, use the "brew" mechanism to run some water through the filter to warm it.

Load espresso coffee into holder

3. Remove the espresso filter holder, while shaking out any water, and then load it with espresso-grind coffee, allowing filling of approximately 6g/1 tbsp per cup.

Tamp espresso coffee down firm

4. Press the ground espresso coffee down evenly and firmly with the tamper supplied. There is a skill to matching a particular coffee grind with the tamper pressure.

Place coffee holder in espresso aperture

5. Clear any remaining coffee grounds from around the rim of the filter holder (or group). Position the filter holder under the water (brewing) aperture by holding the filter holder level, with the handle on the far left side (usually). Raise the filter holder to the brewing aperture until it feels securely in place.

Lock espresso holder in place

6. Lock the coffee filter holder into place by pulling the handle to the far right. Assure the holder is secure and level before passing hot water through it.

Place coffee cup under holder press brew button

7. Place the cup(s) under the filter and press the brew button (with a valve-filter option), then open the valve by pulling the filler handle back to the left.


8. Stop the brew when the cups are slightly more than half-full (about 40ml/1½fl oz).

Ensuring the perfect espresso

Making slight adjustments to the grind, dosage and tamping pressure can result in the perfect cup that will take between 15-20 seconds to brew a maximum of 40ml/½fl oz of coffee.

The appearance of the crema on the surface is an excellent diagnostic tool in determining why some cups of espresso are not perfect.

If the crema is more white than brown, the coffee is under-extracted and needs either a finer grind and/or firmer tamping. If the crema looks burnt or is very dark in the middle, the coffee is over-extracted; perhaps the grind is too fine, the dose too large, the tamping too nard, or too much water was run through tne coffee.

General Care and Maintenance

Cleaning an electric espresso machine can be ledious but it is an extremely important task that must be done regularly. A good idea is to clean the machine thoroughly each time it is turned off, if possible. A soft brush or soft cloth are suitable, but never use an abrasive cleaner or hard cloth that will scratch.

Clean espresso filter and holder

1. Keep the filter and filter holder clean and clear of any coffee grounds. Do not allow the spray head, above the filter holder lock, to become clogged with coffee grounds.

Empty and rinse coffee drip tray

2. Empty and rinse the drip tray, where old sludge can turn into mould; the same applies to the knock-out box.

Espresso steam nozzel cleaning

3. Get into the habit of wiping the steam nozzle after each use; a build-up of burnt milk around the nozzle is not only dirty, but it can easily cause a major clogging of the nozzle itself.


Electric espresso machines for sale

Above: Spend some time comparing the different electric espresso machines, as each machine's features can vary. It is important to keep in mind functional features, as well as appearance.

Espresso Types

Espresso is first a method of brewing coffee; second, it is the coffee produced by the brewing method; and third, it is a style of serving that coffee: for example, cappuccino is made with espresso coffee, but because of its milk and greater volume, it would never be called espresso.

Espresso (normale)

Made from 6g/l tbsp of very finely ground dark-roasted coffee extracted by highly pressurized water heated to 93-96°C/199-204°F water, the basic cup of espresso is approximately 40—50m 1/1½—2fl oz (never more than 50ml/2fl oz) of strong black coffee served in a 60ml/2½fl oz cup.

Espresso romano

This is a normal espresso served with a small piece ot lemon peel. Brazil's catezinho, its espresso equivalent, is also often served with a slice of lemon.

Espresso macchiato

This is a normal espresso "marked" or "stained" with about 15ml/1 tbsp of foamed milk on top.

Espresso ristretto

A basic espresso served in an espresso cup, but restricted in volume to about 25ml/1fl oz. Espresso ristretto is strong because it is made from the same amount of coffee as a normal espresso but is less diluted with water.

Espresso corretto

A cup of normal espresso laced with an alcoholic spirit or liqueur; a northern Italian breakfast favourite is espresso "corrected" with grappa.

Espresso doppio

Two doses of espresso coffee brewed in a two-group filter holder but dispensed into one 150ml/5fl oz cup; approximately the same volume as an espresso lungo, but twice the coffee, thus twice the caffeine, with less dilution. A real jolt of energy.

Espresso con panna or espresso tazza d'oro

Espresso macchiato with a touch of luxury from the addition of whipped cream instead of foamed milk.

Espresso lungo or Caffe Americano

A normal serving of espresso which is lengthened with hot water after it has been brewed to a volume of about 75-95ml/3-3½fl oz. The body of espresso lungo is like that of filter coffee, and it is usually served in a 150ml/5fl oz (small cappuccino) cup.

Grab your Espresso machine now

An espresso machine or an espresso maker is a product or an electronic machine which is used to make a particular type of coffee which is known as espresso. Espresso is originally the coffee of Italy and it is the most popular coffee among the people of the whole world. As we know that coffee is an essential component of one’s life so a person has cups of coffee many times a day. In the countries, where the weather remains cold in most part of the year then the people who are living in those countries have coffee with every meal to keep themselves warm. Coffee is very useful to fight against the cold weather. Coffee is known to be a very useful drink because it has the ability to keep a person active and alert whenever a person takes it. According to doctors and health experts, a cup of coffee in a day is necessary for the better function of the human body.

The Espresso Machine History

Perfecting Loysel's system from the previous century, the Italians went on to produce the revolutionary espresso machine which was to become so integral to Italian life. It was invented in 1948 by Achille Gaggia from Milan.

These shiny hissing monsters were feared for their temperamental natures and billowing clouds of steam, but the dark, rich espresso coffee they produced was worth the time and trouble.

The machines were also unique in producing a steaming hot foam of milk which transformed an espresso into a cappuccino - so called because its colour was reminiscent of the pale brown robes of the Capuchin monks . The classic cappuccino is traditionally a double espresso crowned with frothed milk and sometimes sprinkled with a powdering of rich, dark chocolate.

How a heat exchanger espresso machine works

Coffee beans have been growing and harvesting in various parts of the world since centuries. The countries which are rich with the growth of coffee beans have higher exports rate due to exporting of coffee to other countries. Espresso machine or espresso maker is an essential component in one’s kitchen because with the help of espresso machine a person can easily make cups of espresso within a few minutes. Espresso is worldwide famous and popular coffee because of its rich and creamy taste. Adding cream on the top of the espresso surely enhances the taste of the drink. A person can use espresso maker many times a day very easily. The use of espresso maker is very easy and simple and espresso machine is a time saving machine.

In the today’s busy life, which person has the time of making cups of espresso again and again, the answer is simple that no one has such extra time so espresso machine has surely brought a revolution in the life of people. As the students have a cup of coffee in the morning and while study at night coffee acts as an active drink. With the help of a cup of coffee at night, students can focus on their studies and they can prepare for their test and exams too. According to a survey, the students who have espresso while studying have alertness of mind and they can concentrate well because espresso has caffeine in it.

The mothers at home have cup of espresso on daily basis and even working women and working men in the offices have several cups of espresso. Espresso machine can be taken to the offices too because it is easy to handle and carry. Families can take espresso maker to the trips and picnics to enjoy espresso during a wonderful time. Espresso machine can easily be washed and if a part of the espresso machine has been broken or damaged then sphere parts of espresso machines are available at market at affordable prices. An espresso machine is one of the very important machines at home as the television or refrigerator is. The making of couples of espresso cups is quite simple and quick because of the facility of espresso machine at home. The best place to keep espresso machine is the kitchen where a person can pour all the desired ingredients in to the espresso machine and then just after a few minutes the espresso is ready to drink or serve.

Espresso is taken by majority of the fitness experts to burn all the calories and fats. Physicians and fitness experts recommend their clients to take a cup of espresso after having junk or heavy food. A great benefit of the espresso and the coffee is that it helps to fight against cold weather. In the winter and in the rainy season, people regularly drink espresso and coffee to protect them from flu, cough and fever.

The coffee brewing process

Often when people go out to enjoy the espresso they have to face the long queue on the coffee spots and corners and the increasing cost of per cup of espresso is not justice with the coffee lovers. The simple solution is that a person should grab espresso maker and then enjoys espresso every time he or she wants. Owing an espresso maker saves money to a great extent because you do not have to pay for the espresso bill again and again instead of that just buy an espresso maker one time and the enjoy every cup of espresso daily. Espresso maker can make delicious and tasty cups of coffee within a few minutes. The people who have espresso makers at home they do not let their guests wait for the coffee but they serve delicious and creamy cups of coffee within a few minutes. The stirring of coffee beans in a cup was a tough deal but espresso maker has made it easy now because it is an automatic machine. Espresso machine has perfect parts of machinery and it is easy to operate. Espresso maker is very useful whenever the people have to manage parties and feasts at home. While using espresso maker, a person can try new recipes and new types of coffees to change the taste.

Espresso machine supports every type of ingredient because of its better functionality. Espresso has been proved to be a very good drink to boost the health. The people who take espresso as their regular drink they are saved from various diseases especially heart diseases. Drinking espresso regularly also helps to reduce the factor of risk of having diabetes. It is often said by the doctors that having a cup or two cups of espresso on regular basis is a very good habit to develop a perfect health as compared to the other types of coffee. Espresso is mixed with milk or cream and both are the important resources of calcium. Espresso machine will take you to the chocolaty world because of the sweet taste of espresso.